Saturday, February 18, 2017

Lucky to have Friends Around

The Wonderful Whitmore's have been with us the last few weeks and we have LOVED it. 
They have been working long hours this week, and we have tried to be as helpful and supportive as possible. Here they are the other morning. Zac had been refinishing floors all that day. 
We all went to Lego Batman on Friday night. I think the Whitmore's had more fun than we did. We brought Lucas. It was his first full length movie attempt and I would call it, a total disaster. 
He did...okay the first 45 minutes. He did knock over the popcorn twice, spill his and my drinks and climbed all over me and Karl. It was only after all that he lost his cool and had to be walked around and taken out. 

Karl took him out. So I let him have a little lie in this morning. 
Meanwhile, we were downstairs at the table doing fashion.  
With our fashion stickers. 

I found these stickers on sale for 90 cents at target! They were the last two pads, and I got them! 
I knew two girls who would LOVE them! 

One of Mirah's fashion creations. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Burgers and Sherlock Escape Room

So periodically Karl has work trips to Seattle. 
This one was going to be the majority of a week and so in preparation we decided to go on a date. Our date started out with an indulgent stop at 5 Guys. 

We stopped at the store and kicked myself that I hadn't bought this for Karl for Valentines. 

We went to an Escape Room. 
It was a Sherlock Holmes themed room. 

There were locks and clues everywhere. 

Karl was amazing at figuring out the puzzles. 

I didn't have a great time. There were a lot of big personalities in the room, and we joined in with a much larger group. Things were getting solved all around me and I was getting shoved aside by others in an effort to get what they wanted to do done. 

In the end, we did get out. 

It was fun to do some sleuthing. 

Kids Love to Visit Dad

It has been so lovely here in Orem.
We went and visited Karl at work for a little bit today, and on our walk back to the car I took a few pictures of my whole world. 

I hate the visitors parking signs. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Running Around in the Yard

Krysta and I had been in the yard with the kids for a while. Karl got home and I was getting too cold. I tried to get the kids to come in, but they wouldn't. So Karl was a champ and hung out with them while I sat at the table and watched. They were being so funny, I had to record it. and the following 4 videos are a pretty good glimpse into our lives right now. 

Still Alergic

So Lucas had another really bad allergic reaction this week. 

It was worse than the last one. 

It didn't respond very well to the medicine this time. 

Then, on top of everything, Krysta and Zac left for work!

But we managed. 

We played in the water for a while, that helped. 

Then we took a bath. 

putting clothes on helped. 

We even got some "cell phone" time. 

The hives finally went away. 
The next day. 
Ugh, we are worried it is chocolate. 

Trolls in the House

I felt a little guilty leaving my babies on Friday night so as a special treat I bought us a new copy of:

Our lives have never been the same again.
By Monday we had heard all the songs. While at the grocery store I saw these little Troll toys of Poppy and Branch with candies. They were little key chains.
I gave them to Lucas and Mirah for Valentines day.
(They are holding them in their laps.)

Well Mirah loves her Poppy toy A LOT. Like a whole lot. Like when I told her she needed to keep the Princess Poppy key chain on her backpack she obediently did so. But it meant that her backpack now went everywhere with her. Including bed. She slept with Poppy in her hands, attached to the backpack. 

We have watched the movie a great deal. Probably more than any other new movie we have ever had in the house, even more than Frozen. Within the first week we saw it like 4 times. 

Karen and Mirah LOVE to dance and sing with all of the music! 

Here they are at it. 

This Poppy fever has hit me a bit too. While at the store I saw tihs little Poppy flower hair tie. 
Mirah has woren it every day since I bought it. 

We finished the Trolls purches with the entire movie sound track. 
We a bananas for Trolls in the house right now. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines day and Banff 2017

We had done so much Valentines celebrating we thought there wasn't much left to enjoy, but we were wrong! 
After school Grandma's valentines arrived! 
Mirah squealed in delight as she opened her card! She loved the ballerina on the card. She loved getting the card.  

After helping Lucas open the card, his first reaction was confusion. He looked over to his for some idea how to respond. 
Then he saw the doggie on his card and he was all squeals and happy talk. 
He kept pointing to the card and saying, "doggy, doggy!"

For dinner we went together to Cafe Rio and even met up with Belle. 

Chocolate Bean face. 
(This was the night before another one of his bad reactions.)

This boy loves beans. 

We dropped the kids off at home and went out to our annual date of:

The Banff Mountain Film Festival! 

Me and my boyfriend. 

The Whitmores

Me and Belle. 

The newly weds. 

Kami and Doug were there too. 

The films this year were great. My favorite one was about four moms from Yorkshire England who rowed across the Atlantic. There was one about a man in Tazmania climbing where he got a tramatic brain injury that I also loved. And the one about a man from Utah and his dog that went on a 60 day hike. 
Good way to spend Valentines night with so many of the people I love.