Saturday, May 20, 2017

Date Night and the Fun Center

Belle came over and took the kids, and we went to the Seven Peaks fun center for a fun date night. 

The little rides were hilarious. 
We rode the roller coaster 3 times. 
And loved every time! 

Then we tried the bumper boats. 
And got soaked by these kids! 

We had a blast though. 

We played a couple of rounds of miniature golf. 

After round one went to Karl and round two went to me, we called it a night. We did a little shopping late at Kohls and a half off shakes at Sonic we went home. It was such a nice night. 


After a busy week, and lots of riding around the house, we took the kids on a bike ride at the park. 

Mirah getting a handle on her new wheels. 

Then they were off! 

Lucas doing awesome on his Strider. 

Mirah having a serious ride. 

Oh MY GOODNESS! This kid is so cute! 

Here she is telling me all about it. 

My cuties. 

One last quick one. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Lunch With the Sibs

Mirah had already had quiet a day with the her graduation. BUT she was not prepared for what awaited her at lunch! 
It was MARYN!!!

Mirah was super happy and surprised and stoked.
Mirah of course came bearing gifts.
First off, Ruby's cookies from SLC.

Then of course gifts from her birthday! 
She gave Mirah some amazing slippers,


And a new T-shirt from San Diego. Sloan, Reese, Kelly, KP, and Belle were all there with us at lunch too.

Mirah was excited to show Sloan all her new gifts.

Oh, and Lucas. Who made easy work of dumping he rice on the floor moments after it arrived. 

Hi Sister. Like she never left.

These ladies. And Gent.

Every time I see this kid, he get even cuter.


After lunch Kelly had to take the kids home,

so we drove over to say hi to Cameron for a second.
We never got to those cookies.

After a minute of waiting, Cam arrived. These Irish twins were reunited.

These kids.

Miss these kids already.